Here are a Few Facts on How to Buy the Best Bone Broth:

The USDA Stamp – If you’re buying broth online or in retail stores without a USDA stamp (below) on the packaging, it is not being produced under the Federal Regulations designed for your safety. This goes for chicken, beef, pork and fish broth. This is why we are temporarily producing bone broth out of Carnitas Snack Shack as a TO-GO item.

We are currently working with the USDA to procure our certifications. 

If It Doesn’t Say PASTURED or ORGANIC – It’s Not. Beware of people advertising inexpensive broths using trendy catch phrases. Consuming broth from cheap, inhumanely raised animals defeats the purpose of consuming broth at all. Pastured and organic animals have more nutrients and more health benefits than poorly raised animals.  CAFO or commodity animals were raised in stressful, crowded, dirty environments and are usually given heavy antibiotics to stay “healthy”.  You can read more about the overall health differences between commodity animals and Pastured Organic animals via the Organic Consumers Association HERE.

We Only Source our Bones from Pastured and Organic Happy Healthy Cows.

All 4 of our Ingredients in our Broth are Certified Organic.

Real Bone Broth will Never be Found on a Shelf – Real Bone Broth should contain anywhere from 25-40% actual beef broth and could never safely be sold “shelf stable”. Real Bone Broth will always be found in your grocer’s freezer section. If you find “Bone Broth” on the shelf in your local store – it actually contains less than 5% actual meat product. There is already a large company capitalizing on this trend and their “Bone Broth” can be found on the shelf in stores. Don’t believe the hype.

To date: Our broth contains around 32% actual meat product. Our Broth is made in house, by hand in 2 small batches each week. It can be kept in your fridge for up to a week or frozen for up to 6 months. 

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