Balanced & Bright's  founder, Quinn Farrar Wilson knows  first hand the positive healing effects of drinking bone broth on a regular basis. She started Balanced & Bright Bone Broth after the nutritional powerhouse helped her heal a life long injury. Her purpose is to  bring a high quality, healthy bone broth to you for your health and wellness needs.  In her new book, Bone Broth: Essential Recipes & Age Old Remedies to Heal Your Body; she share's her personal bone broth go to's, offering a variety of ideas for incorporating bone broth into your life. Quinn takes you step by step through the broth process - from choosing the best bones to selecting your equipment - and shows you that this super food is more than just a trend.

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"It's like the bible of bone broth."

"A thorough and unique resource for bone broth lovers."

"Fantastic cookbook for home chefs looking to up their game."

"An easy to digest book on how to make bone broth at home"

"This book is a MUST for any level of cook."

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